A34V LW57423 Grey Over Pants

€139.00 EUR

Indulge in avant-garde elegance with our Stretch Fleece Over Short - a perfect fusion of comfort and cutting-edge fashion. Crafted from luxurious stretch fleece, these shorts redefine loungewear with their incomparable softness and flexibility. The dyeing process itself is an art, resulting in a unique hue that exudes sophistication and individuality. An elastic waist with a couture-inspired coulisse guarantees a customized fit, embracing your body's contours while allowing for effortless movement. Pockets are seamlessly integrated, not just for practicality, but as an integral part of the design, creating a visual interplay that demands attention. Front and back cuts elevate these shorts beyond the ordinary, adding a touch of avant-garde allure. It's more than just clothing; it's a statement, a celebration of individuality. Each cut is purposeful, transforming these shorts into a canvas where fashion meets art.