A34V LW57324 Sand Top

€159.00 EUR


Introducing the Asymmetric Crop Sweatshirt – a masterpiece that transcends traditional fashion and embraces art as self-expression. This luxurious sweatshirt, crafted from stretch fleece and perfectly dyed, is a testament to our avant-garde principles. Our dedication to detail is evident in the viscose silk back voile inserts, adding sophistication without sacrificing boldness. With its asymmetric cut and dynamic coulisse, this garment challenges conformity and celebrates individuality. Every element, from the ribbed cuffs to the bottom coulisse, exudes tactile luxury and traditional craftsmanship. More than just clothing, this sweatshirt embodies the avant-garde spirit and invites you to explore new dimensions of style. Welcome to our haven, where every purchase is an investment in the extraordinary. Made in Italy.