A34V LW57324 Grey Top

€159.00 EUR


Indulge in a world where fashion transcends the mundane and style becomes a medium of self-expression. Enter our online avant-garde boutique, a haven for those who crave the exceptional, where every thread tells a tale and every detail is a work of art. Introducing our Asymmetric Crop Sweatshirt - a masterpiece of innovation and comfort. Meticulously crafted from stretch fleece, this sweatshirt envelopes your body with a luxurious touch. Dyed to perfection, it not only enhances your style but also redefines contemporary fashion at its core. Embark on an avant-garde journey with the understated elegance of viscose silk back voile inserts. These subtle yet striking details exude sophistication, making a bold statement without uttering a word. The interplay of textures creates a visual poetry that captures the essence of modern refinement. The avant-garde spirit is reflected in the design itself. An asymmetric cut challenges conventional norms, embodying the freedom to be unique.