A33I LM16924D Black Leather Bag

€1,134.00 EUR


Experience luxury and exclusivity with our Tumbled Cowhide Backpack - a fusion of masterful craftsmanship and contemporary design. Crafted from the finest cowhide, each backpack tells a story of authenticity and timeless allure. At its core lies the traditional vine tanning process, resulting in a unique character that only time-honored techniques can create. This backpack is not just an accessory, but a living embodiment of artisanal mastery. A modern metal zipper closure adds a touch of elegance, while adjustable shoulder straps provide comfort without compromising on style. With a practical front pocket and sleek silhouette, this backpack is designed for both city streets and outdoor adventures. Immerse yourself in simplicity, natural textures, and age-old craftsmanship. Elevate your style with the Tumbled Cowhide Backpack - a symbol of sophistication that transcends trends and embraces avant-garde elegance. Shop now and make a statement with this backpack, proudly Made in Italy.