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Not For Ordinary People

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Not For Ordinary People

Our Vision

Welcome to Tephra - the ultimate destination for fashion enthusiasts! Our conceptual fashion store is a reference point for exclusive brands of the international avant-garde and alternative casual scene. At Tephra, we believe in offering quality design, precious leather, and handmade techniques to our customers, making us your best option for niche luxury and casual brands. Our passion for fashion is evident in every piece we offer, showcasing a diverse collection of unique and high-quality designs that reflect individuality. Come and explore our store to discover the Tephra difference and elevate your personal style to the next level!

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Avant Garde Leather Accessories




What is Avant Garde Fashion

Minimal, futuristic, paradox

Bjork, Avant-Garde Reactionary

Traditionalists may find a great deal of common ground in the Icelandic singer’s latest album.

What Is Avant Garde? The Definitive Guide

Revolutionary, challenging, provocative


Join Manolaco as he embarks on a journey of self-expression, sound, and style. Experience the fusion of music and fashion, and let our avant-garde pieces become a part of your unique story. Step into the world of Manolaco, the ambassador of our online store, and unlock a realm of limitless possibilities. It's time to make a statement, make your mark, and embrace the avant-garde. Welcome to our online store, where fashion meets innovation and the extraordinary becomes your reality.

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Dekigala 303 Fira 84700 Santorini

Monday - Sunday 11 am 9pm